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Monday, 17 January 2011

Clarins Everlasting foundation spf 15 - colour 103

This foundation is brilliant, i was looking for a long lasting foundation that gives a flawless look. It smells AMAZING very sweet and fruity which i wasn't expecting.

The foundation is expensive but i had just been paid : D

I would recommend that foundation to anyone with a dry/normal skin with a warm tone.

Elf make-up brushes.

I've just bought a lot of Elf make up brushes, ( before i had been using No.7 brushes and Body Shop brushes.

 Slanted foundation brush- 
Full face brush 

 Blush, bronze and blend brush

slanted large eyeshadow blending brush
crease eyeshadow brush. (left)

eye liner brush

Wednesday, 5 January 2011

new years resolutions

So i haven't made a new years resolution, i plan to change a massive part of my life, i want a whole new image, i plan to loose 3 stone and be a healthy weight. I have new hair, dark browny red with a new fringe and im getting a new style. Part of my new image is to take of my make up every night and properly cleanse and moisturise my skin every night, its going really well. Some of my spots have cleared up and im feeling fresh faced every morning.

Im using Lush 9-5 cleanser with Body Shop Vitamin E serum and eye cream, then a pure aloe vera moisturiser. Before i never used to remove my make up, which i know is a beauty CRIME! but i never really saw any negative effects, until i started my new image, now im seeing how horrible my skin felt and looked compared to what it could be like if i cleanse properly at night. Im pretty impressed with my hair too, so im thinking of keeping the colour permanent, i have another dye which is just a bit more red than mine is currently (mahogany). (pictures from