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Monday, 27 August 2012

Its been a long time...

Above is a picture of my mum and aunty at Glastonbury Tor, it was a lovely holiday :)

Sorry guys, i've been on holiday for the last week and before that i was house-sitting and i've been all over the place really :D 

I've had an amazing summer and spent loads of time relaxing and seeing all my friends and family :) When I went to Greece last week I picked up some things in Sephora and I got some Bioderma water too :) excited to try these!

Before I went away I found the Lidi perfume Suddenly, which is meant to give Coco Channel perfume a run for its money! I really love its fresh sweet smell but the staying power is shocking... after 20 mins I really cant smell it any more, but other people still can for a few hours so I suppose that's pretty good going. 

I got a lovely purple eye palette which I can't wait to use in a look soon :) 

When we were in the city of Thesoloniki in Greece I saw quite a few different types of skincare brands in the Pharmacy's which I was extremely tempted by, but I didnt have much room left back in my suitcase so I couldn't buy much :( 

Tuesday, 7 August 2012

The Body Shop Moringa Body Butter

This may be the best body moisturiser I have ever used! Just puttin' it out there...

I have used these body butters for years and have always loved them, in fact i may have blogged about them before, but I just thought you guys needed a refresher! 

Its so soft, smells fresh and floral, is natural* and soaks in to your skin really quickly.

I love the body shop butters because they have so many different fragrances, some fruity, nutty or floral. I have a mixture of the different fragrances and some work better than others. 

Moringa has always been my favourite, its a sort of jasmine/sweetpea fragrance. Some people love it, others hate it so you really have to smell it before you buy. 

The tubs are 200ml and cost £12.50 although the body shop do discount cards, and you can find vouchers sometimes online :)

Saturday, 4 August 2012


Hey guys, hope your all enjoying your weekend! I'm currently in Aberdeen with my besties Jack, Charlie and Emma! At the moment me and Jack are sitting in their living room watching t.v in their amazing flat, totally Jel but hay me and Jack might get a nice place like this sometime next year. 

I just thought i'd update you on my current location, lol. Me and Emma are going makeup shopping tomorrow, yess!! #issuesofabeautyblogger 

Oh well, I hope everyone has a lovely evening! We plan on going to TGIfridays for dinner, yumm xx