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Monday, 27 August 2012

Its been a long time...

Above is a picture of my mum and aunty at Glastonbury Tor, it was a lovely holiday :)

Sorry guys, i've been on holiday for the last week and before that i was house-sitting and i've been all over the place really :D 

I've had an amazing summer and spent loads of time relaxing and seeing all my friends and family :) When I went to Greece last week I picked up some things in Sephora and I got some Bioderma water too :) excited to try these!

Before I went away I found the Lidi perfume Suddenly, which is meant to give Coco Channel perfume a run for its money! I really love its fresh sweet smell but the staying power is shocking... after 20 mins I really cant smell it any more, but other people still can for a few hours so I suppose that's pretty good going. 

I got a lovely purple eye palette which I can't wait to use in a look soon :) 

When we were in the city of Thesoloniki in Greece I saw quite a few different types of skincare brands in the Pharmacy's which I was extremely tempted by, but I didnt have much room left back in my suitcase so I couldn't buy much :( 

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