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Sunday, 27 November 2011

Recent haul...

Sorry its been so long, i've been on placement and its really hard to find the time or energy to blog after been on shift. 

Anyway, i went to Norwich with my mum yesterday to get a few Christmas presents and I picked up some makeup bits for me :)

The lady at the Urban Decay counter was sooo lovely, really helpful and very enthusiastic about her job. Although she did follow me around a bit which was quite annoying. 

I also order some bits of ELF cos my mum wanted a stipple brush. I will do a review of these products later on :)

Saturday, 19 November 2011

New things :)

Sorry I haven't blogged in a while, I've had horrible food poisoning and been throwing up every hour for the last 5 days! Fun...

Anyway, back into the swing of things, I have generously been given lots of new products recently and I've been trying them out (a good way to procrastinate when an essay is due). 

I've also been doing lots of Body Shop at Home parties recently so that's good for the bank account! 

So here's some of the things I've been loving and trying recently...

I Love Jaffa Cakes!

Friday, 11 November 2011

Benefit Ticket To Glossytown

I was sent these ohhh about 6MONTHS AGO! lol But was asked to blog about them nearer to Christmas, well I think its pretty darn near to Christmas!! 

L-R *Life on the A list* *Spiked Punch* *Nudie tude* *Foxy lady* *So frisk me* *Kiss you* 
I love the colours of some of these lipglosses, and the texture is lovely. The smell is slightly sweet for me but they don't feel sticky at all. Very moisturising formula. :) 

My favourite colour is so frisk me and nudie tude ! The colours a lovely and bright but I can't see how anyone will be able to pull off Spiked punch but I'm sure someone out there can!! 

I will soon include them in a FOTD! :D 

The set is £19.50 and I think that's pretty steep for a set of mini glosses. 

Tuesday, 8 November 2011

High end makeup vs Highstreet makeup

This debate has been going on for years and im always asked, do you prefer high end or high street makeup? 

I'll just define what I consider to be high end and high street. High end is brands like Channel, Urban Decay, Mac, Benefit, Clarins, Clinique, Estee Lauder, Lancome, Nars, Dior I could go on...

High Street are brands like... Sleek, Rimmel, Maxfactor, MUA, No7, 17, UNE, Barry M, L'oreal, Collection 2000, Revlon...

Just before people get angry I have nothing against any makeup brands, im not personally involved with any makeup brands apart from The Body Shop. 

I am strongly against animal testing for cosmetic reasons so I try to use makeup that I know hasn't been tested on animals. Most of the high end makeup companies DO NOT test on animals whereas the high street makeup brands mostly DO test on animals. 

I tent to buy makeup products from High end companies because the pure quality of the products are just so much better! You pay a lot more money and sometimes the products are smaller but your paying for the quality, service and you know your getting a good product. 

This doesn't mean to say I don't use or buy high street products but there is nothing better than bringing home a new Mac lipstick or Channel foundation and being extra excited to try it out. 

I recently introduced my friend into High end makeup. I hope your all sitting down because wait till you hear this... she only had 1 lipstick in her whole possession !!!! Im not a huge fan of lipstick and i have 12!! So I just had to get her a loveellyy lipstick, she bought a beautiful nude cream style lipstick from Channel! 

I could tell she was excited as the lady handed her a Channel bag, she held it with pride!! lol

Anyway if anyone has any views or thoughts about high end vs high street I'd love to here them! :)


Sunday, 6 November 2011

Fireworks night :D

I didn't actually go to see any fireworks but I saw loads from town/the car and the lovely Indian restaurant I was in. 

I decided to give some really colourful full on make-up a go :) It's been a while...

I used a range of colours and products for my eye look, mostly the Urban Decay palette and my Urban decay glitter eyeliners. I also used some MUA shades in deep purple. 

Excuse the silly picture, it just looked fun :) 

Saturday, 5 November 2011

Barely There look

I put on my make-up this morning thinking URGHHH I really can't be bothered to try today, I'll just put on what's needed! 

So I did... lol

I used a free sample of a new Channel mascara, that I will review after I've worn it a few times.
My Clarins foundation which I can't wait to get rid off, 
Channel loose powder,
Benefit Posie tint
Clinique chubby stick

Thursday, 3 November 2011

Lush SnowFairy and Sleek Brow Kit

Hey guys, hope everyone is enjoying November! I can't quite believe its already November, feels like the whole of summer was a blink. 

I start back on placement soon and I'm really excited to get back on the ward, being in Uni is great and the layin's are amaze, but I miss being active and learning about real people and their medical issues. I'm also really busy with my work The Body Shop At Home parties over the next few months, Christmas is our biggest selling time! I love doing parties but I don't know how many I will do when I'm on placement. My course/career always comes first!

Anyway! Back to the blogging... kind of got sidetracked there! 

I bought a few things about a week ago, but haven't blogged about them yet 'cos I lost my camera *slaps wrist* 

I bought the Sleek Brow Kit after seeing it on a blog I really love, Dainty Dollymix- 

I am really pleased with the sleek kit but I think the problem with my brows is I need them properly waxed and I also need a decent brush to use in my eyebrows, If you know of any good brushes let me know!!

As for Lush Snow Fairy I saw some people mention it on twitter and when I went into the shop it grabbed me like chocolate or anything purple! 

The smell is amazing, think... bubblegum, candyfloss, sugar, marshmallows and lots of yummy girly sweet things! 

My mum hates it! like HATES IT! She thinks its wayy to sickly, oh well! 

Its not for people like her who don't like fake synthetic sugary smells but it is for me! The glitter in the bottom is just like the cherry on the top of the loveliness! I saw someone mention on the Makeup and Beauty Blog- about the glitter and how long it lasts, so I tried it out and the glitter doesn't last long at all *sadface* it rinses off in the shower but does make you feel special in the shower :) 

Whoooaah information overload there! Sorry about that! 

Have a good evening :D xxx

I hope the people I have mentioned in this blogpost don't mind being mentioned :) Its all good stuff anyways! :D