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Tuesday, 30 August 2011

The Body Shop- Lemon Body Scrub

I've had this lemon body scrub for a while and its my favourite body scrub, its a sugar scrub so it dissolves in the bath/shower. 

It has the most amazing smell, very strong scented of zesty lemon and citrus fruits. 

A body scrub is used to exfoliate the dead skin cells which help make your skin more soft and supple. It also helps your moisturiser work as your not just putting all that nice expensive moisturiser on dead skin cells. The body scrubs works lovely with the Lemon body butter which layers the smell. If you use the scrub dry before you turn the water on in your shower it scrubs that little bit harder, which also stimulates circulation. 

The best thing about this scrub compared to others is because it is a sugar scrub it leaves a lovely sheen of oil on your skin that acts as a moisturiser, kind of a 2in1 scrub and moisturiser. 

The price is £12.50 and its available online or in body shop stores.

Sunday, 28 August 2011

Sleek Pout Paints and others.

Sorry for the lack of posting, i've not been busy but i just haven't had an idea's or motivation!

I bought a few things the other day so here is some reviews and a pout paint lip picture.

I love the pout paints, i bought it on the offer 2 for 3 in superdrug. The colours are so bright and stay on your lips forever!!! The only thing is, you have to apply with a lip brush and use a lip liner, its easy to smudge it all over the place.

I got some stuff from Elf too, some of it i was impressed with, some i was really disappointed about! The stipple brush is brilliant, but the concealer and the blush is crap!

Some pictures...

Monday, 15 August 2011

Elizabeth Arden - Eight hour cream

This is what I call, "magic cream" and its amazing !!!

Its a skin protecting cream and it treats burns, scars, sunburn, cracks, spots, cuts and grazes. It helps with really dry skin and minor skin complaints.

We (my family and me) call it magic cream because if you burn your finger, or have a sore bit on your face it helps to heal it so quickly with this strong and powerful cream.

Its a orange like thick gel/cream and sinks in to the skin after a short while, its not something you would use every day but it something you NEED in your bathroom!

It is £25 for 50mls which is quite expensive for a cream, but you wont use it up so its totally worth it!!

I would rate this product 10/10 i know its pricey but very very worth it as you will find so many uses for it and  you will find yourself picking it up on many occasions.

Superdrug Tea tree and Peppermint facial skin care.

I bought this range a while back as i love the combination of tea tree and peppermint together and this range seems to work really well.

From Superdrug is a pretty cheap range and isn't tested on animals, both things i love :)

Its not fancy and doesn't claim to do anything amazing but its good quality and cheap. It works well and does what it says on the tin (well not actually a tin, more like a tube)

I have;

Foaming facial wash 160ml - £2.99
Gel facial wash 150ml - £2.99
Face scrub 75ml - £2.99

You can find a description for these products on the superdrug website.

Personally i love these products and for a quick and easy, fresh set of cleansers they are perfect. The scrub is good and isnt too harsh, so could be used daily.

I would give the range 8/10 Its a brilliant set of products but if you want something that does more then you might want to try Lizze Earlie products, they are also brilliant.

Thursday, 4 August 2011

Off to the pub I go...

I know i've blogged a lot today but i've been just a bit bored xD

Heres my evening look, its a tad glam but im meeting up with my beautiful friend Zoe and she is so stunning i have to make myself look good too :)

Heres what i used-

1. Bourjois Healthy mix foundation - shade 52
2. Clarins everlasting foundation- 103
3. Benefit Georgia
4. The body shop all in one face base- 02
5. The body shop shimmer waves- 02
6. Mac studio finish concealer - NW15
7. Mac semi precious eye colour- Rare Find
8. Urban decay 24/7 eye liner- Ransom
9. Max factor False lash effect- waterproof black
10. Clinique Chubby stick - chunky cherry
11. Benefit posie tint- free sample
12. Eyelash curlers- super drug own brand
13. The body Shop foundation brush
14. Elf angled foundation brush
15. Elf professional total face brush
16. Elf professional blending eye brush
17. Mac 224

*all of these products i bought myself with my own money :) i was not sponsored for this post*

Old and New

I went to lunch with a good friend today and i picked up a foundation from super drug, i read a review of the Boujois Healthy Mix foundation on a number of blogs and i wanted to try it for myself. I haven't yet used it so i'll do a product review once i have.

Now to the Love ect... body shop body lotion. I love this product, i normally use body butters but when im rushed and dont have time i use a lotion as its much lighter and doesnt take long to rub in. It has a lovely smell, very fruity and sweet but it lingers so i dont need to wear a perfume over the top.

A bit of blog loving too-

These are just a handful of my favourite beauty blogs!

Vo5 Hair Care Range

I've been using the Vo5 hair care range for a few months now and i thought it post about just how much i love their products.

I have been using the "miracle concentrate" for ageesss, i bought it cos of the hype within the beautyblog community and im so glad i did, i never realised how much my hair needed this stuff!

My mum bought the shampoo and conditioner because they were on offer and i have been buying them ever since, they just do what i think a shampoo and conditioner should do!! They wash and moisturise without leaving my hair really heavy or stripped. Because i have coloured hair im really careful what i use to make sure i dont have to dye it more often.

I only recently bought the "give me texture" spray and im not impressed at all! It made my hair all sticky and greasy which meant i just had to wash it again. (I hate the feeling of greasy hair)

*All of the products were bought by me, i was not paid for this post nor am i advertising for Vo5 hair care*

Wednesday, 3 August 2011

Lush facial skin care

I've had some Lush facial skin care products for a while now, and i have to say, im really impressed!

The cleanser and toner work really well together and at such a cheap price, i would (and have) repurchase again and again. Here's the products i have;

1. Breath of Fresh Air toner- £7.00

2. 9-5 cleanser- £8.95

3. Toner tabs- Vit c and Vit e- 99p each

I have used my Vit C toner tab and it was lovely, i used it in boiling water then steamed my face for about 15 mins, it really opened up my pores and helped to cleanse properly.

The 9-5 cleanser again is a brilliant product and gets rid of all my makeup and dirt.

The toner i use at night and it helps cool my face in this hot weather, it dries really quickly and doesn't make my makeup run. The only problem is the nossel it has to spray, you have to hold the bottle quite far back to not get a hard blast.