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Friday, 3 September 2010

Pantene Aqua Light

I tried this the other day and it was LOVELY! I just used the shampoo and used normal Pantene ProV conditioner. It smells absolutely amazing, my hair is very long and can get quite dry, this worked really well on me!

The smell is amazing, its very fruity, sort of like passion fruit. The shampoo felt soft and with the first wash made my hair feel kinda dry, but the second wash added the moisture back.

I would buy this again and feel my hair is much less weight'd down than using my normal shampoo.

Wednesday, 1 September 2010

So a list of the products I used in the smokey eye's pictures,
  • Body Shop moisture foundation spf 15- colour 03 
  • Rimmel London Stay Matte pressed powder 001 
  • Body Shop Shimmer cubes palette 07
  • Barry M penicil limited edition pink and black 
  • Maxfactor False Lash Effect mascara in Black 

I applied the first colour to my lid all over with the soft No7 brush, the pink colour is first, then I applied the brown colour to the lower part of my lid, covering all over the lid up to the crease. Next I applied the dark purple colour to my lash line, with the liner brush. I used the Barry M black liner and applied it to my lash line, very close to my lashes.

After that I curled my lashes and applied my mascara to my lashes and then used the pink end of the Barry M liner on my lower waterline.

Smokey eye's picture

Smokey eyes

So Im a massive fan of smokey eyes, I have been doing them on customers for a while now and started doing them on myself about 4 months back. I don't tend to use black or grey because it is kinda harsh on me. I much prefer blue/brown or purple smokey eyes. I plan on showing you guys later on today :)

I have seen the benefit smokey eye's kit and think its a really good idea, if your a bit new to smokey eyes this looks like a good thing, the only problem is it's price, at £23.50 if your not made of money that's alot! Which is kind of why I don't really buy benefit stuff. I mean it's lovely stuff, but just so overpriced for what it is, I feel that you are paying for the fancy names and cute packaging (which is something I would love if I had the money!) *picture found of the Benefit Website*

I love the fact that the benefit Big Beautiful Eyes set is that it gives you instructions on how to apply, which I think make-up companies should be doing more. The colours in this set are beautiful, soft pink and browns that can be used alone or together to create the smokey eye's look. If I were to get this kit I wouldn't use it alone, you could glam it up with some metalic gold or purple.

As I mentioned before, I will post some pictures of my own smokey eye look later :)