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Sunday, 27 March 2011

Urban Decay Naked Palette- its here :D

So i finnally have this! I got it last weekend when i was shopping in Norwich, luckily they had one left and i was the first person there !!!!

Firstly it is AMAZING just as good as i expected if not better, with the palette came a cute little pot of the eyeshadow primer (which i gave to my mum as i already have a full sized one) and a lovely eyeshadow brush. The palette is so versatile and has so many different shades that you can create many different looks with just one palette.

I have been using it for a few days now and i cant find a fault with it, i just wish everyone could get a hold of one!! I celebrated my friends birthday the other day and i really wanted to get her this palette because we are both obsessed with it! Sorry Emma i couldn't get you one too! :( But she did get lots of Lush bath bombs so i hope she likes them !

Hope everyone is good and has had a lovely weekend. I have had a very busy week on placement, i went to see an operation the other day and it was brilliant! I got to hold the part removed (which was an infected bowel) and got to ventilate the patient when they were being put to sleep. My job is so brilliant and i learn something new and fascinating everyday! It makes me really appreciate the opportunities i have had. The NHS is essential to the UK and the workers don't get enough credit for what they do! Im so glad im training to be a nurse because i can't wait to make a difference to the world! 

Anyway, just a few pictures using the naked palette, and some of my outfits, again sorry for the awful photo quality, im working on it!

Monday, 14 March 2011

Clarins HydraQuench Rich Cream

So i got this a few months ago and i have to say, its the best moisturiser i have ever used!

Its fairly expensive but i was expecting that coming from the Clarins counter! £32.68

The moisturiser is perfect for dry or sore skin and it works really well with my Clarins foundation.

Just some pictures to show how brilliant it is!

Once massaged in to the skin it leaves a dewy look. It does look greasy here but on your face it looks less greasy.

Monday's health tip...

I just thought i would post a little something about health for once, i know the blog is about beauty but it doesnt matter what you look like if your not healthy. Sometimes i dont live to this rule but i know the importance of being healthy.

Since having tonsilitus 'again' i have really got into drinking hot water and lemon. So much that i have got through a whole bag of lemons in the last week !!!!!

Normally i have tea with sugar and milk but recently i've swapped that sugary drink for this healthy one. Im really seeing a difference in my skin and general well-being! I feel more awake, less bloated and generally more refreshed after this hydrating drink :D

So here's to the lemons!!!!!

(Picture -

Sunday, 13 March 2011

Natural disasters...

I felt like i needed just to say something about the current natural disaster in Japan. Being a student nurse means im surrounded by disease, cancer and death. Sometimes when your used to suffering it doesnt affect you as much.

So my thoughts and prayers are with all the suffering people in Japan and their friends and families.

Superdrug Spend

Today i was still feeling very rough and needed some vitamins and things so decided to go to superdrug, i got abit sidetracked and spend quite abit on some lovely beauty products, and with 3 for 2 how could i say no?

So here's what i bought;

  1. Maybelline Eye Studio - gel eyeliner in 01 Intense Black (24hr lasting soft black gel eyeliner with a interesting brush...) £5.99
  2. Carmex classic lip balm- £2.54 ( a classic and brilliant lip balm with a tingly minty feeling)
  3. Eylure Eyebrow Shapers (mentioned in a previous post - 5 beauty tips- £2.54)
  4. Superdrug's own Tea Tree Blended oil and foaming face wash. Oil- £2.99, Wash - £2.99 (both on 3 for 2) superdrugs own products aren't tested on animals and are brilliant cheep essentials. 
  5. Strepsils Strawberry sugar free. I couldn't live without strepsils and these strawberry ones are soothing my sweet tooth at the same time. £4.48
  6. Blistex Intensive Moisturiser - £2.34 (this soothing lip cream is amazing for when im on the ward, helps my dry sore lips) 
  7. Glamour mag- £2 with the free clinique mini product, which my mother stole! 

Saturday, 5 March 2011

Beauty Haul

So my friend asked me to do her make up for her wedding. I went shopping for a few things, im very excited cos she is lovely and beautiful and im sure she will look stunning on her wedding day! I decided to get a few things for myself too. The georgia and high beam are lovely and im going to use those for other things too.

I got these beautiful vintage 17 eye sets, the metallics has been spoken about as the "affordable naked palette" and the 17 set called perfect pastels. There both lovely.