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Sunday, 27 March 2011

Urban Decay Naked Palette- its here :D

So i finnally have this! I got it last weekend when i was shopping in Norwich, luckily they had one left and i was the first person there !!!!

Firstly it is AMAZING just as good as i expected if not better, with the palette came a cute little pot of the eyeshadow primer (which i gave to my mum as i already have a full sized one) and a lovely eyeshadow brush. The palette is so versatile and has so many different shades that you can create many different looks with just one palette.

I have been using it for a few days now and i cant find a fault with it, i just wish everyone could get a hold of one!! I celebrated my friends birthday the other day and i really wanted to get her this palette because we are both obsessed with it! Sorry Emma i couldn't get you one too! :( But she did get lots of Lush bath bombs so i hope she likes them !

Hope everyone is good and has had a lovely weekend. I have had a very busy week on placement, i went to see an operation the other day and it was brilliant! I got to hold the part removed (which was an infected bowel) and got to ventilate the patient when they were being put to sleep. My job is so brilliant and i learn something new and fascinating everyday! It makes me really appreciate the opportunities i have had. The NHS is essential to the UK and the workers don't get enough credit for what they do! Im so glad im training to be a nurse because i can't wait to make a difference to the world! 

Anyway, just a few pictures using the naked palette, and some of my outfits, again sorry for the awful photo quality, im working on it!

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