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Sunday, 24 June 2012

Saturday night makeup!

Hey dolls, hows it going? I hope everyone's having a good weekend, today is my best friend's birthday! Happy Birthday Zo!!

I've been a bit of crazy week and i've got lots of uni work on at the moment, but I went out last night for Zoe's birthday, we went to mambos, oh my god the food was amazing!!  

I picked up this Ecotools slanted brush for my eyebrows, my old one from Elf is getting a bit ratty. It was only around £5 :)

Im wearing eyeshadows from both of the Naked palettes from Urban Decay and Bobbi Brown lipgloss. 

I can't believe how much I use the Naked palettes, they are great for any look, can't recommend them more!! 

Im starting to get really excited about summer, its Jack's 21st birthday soon and we are going up to Scotland to see our good friends who moved up there a few months ago :) 

Thursday, 21 June 2012

Leighton Denny Plush Pink

This nail varnish makes me happy. Enough said! Its shiny, bubblegum pink and dries really quick, oh its also opaque in like 2 coats! Thats a happy Ellie all round.

I got it free with Harpers Bazaar which I don't normally read but I bought it especially for this nail varnish! That's commitment to beauty isn't it.

I'm currently watching 24hours of A&E, its making me feel a bit sick, I need to get back into practice haha!

I've been so busy lately just with uni work and trying to keep up with my friends ha! The life of a social butterfly, HA i'm a bit of a hermit really. 

I love being able to paint my nails, nothing better than coming home and be able to put your feet up in front of the t.v 

So anyway, some pictures of my nail varnish! Sorry for the mess, i'll clean it up later! :-) 

Sunday, 17 June 2012

Saturday Night

Happy Sunday! I'm currently sitting in front of the t.v for the 4th hour! Not really done much today, but I think that's the beauty of a Sunday with the family! 

I went shopping yesterday and picked up a few things, I got this Bad Girl Brown from Benefit, I use it on my brows and only just realised its actually a masacara, oh well! 

I got Harpers Bazaar because it had a free gift, Leighton Denny nail polish! I picked up the colour Plush Pink, Can't wait to try this! 

I also got the hair band/necklace from accessories, I've never worn a head band before and its not my usual look but its nice to have a change! 

 I wore the Illamasqua pigment in Static over my shadow from the Naked palette, I also used Rockstar, eyeliner from Urban Decay. 

Tuesday, 12 June 2012

French Manicure nails

Hey guys, hope your having a nice week, I dyed my hair last night and it turns out its not the right colour, or the same as last time :s so my hair is really dark. My hair is usually a browny red colour, its now nearly black! eekk 

Anyway, I did this french manicure on my nails because my friend at uni taught me how to do it properly, and I didn't know what else to paint them really. Sadie taught me to put selotape on the nails to paint the white tips, and not to put a base coat before because it makes the selotape not stick properly. 

The only down side with this is it the white tips get dirty easily and it chips easily. 

Friday, 8 June 2012

Photo of the day

Evening everyone, hope you have had a nice week, I can't believe its Friday already. TGIF!!!

I literally cannot be more happy its the weekend, i've been non-stop this week and im excited to chill and have a relaxed weekend with my family! 

I've been doing some pretty heavy stuff at uni at the moment so I keep crying all the time (puffy eyes are no fun!) My concealer is nearly ran out 'cos I keep using the stuff!! 

I recently bought the Boujour magic nail polish remover (oh my god its good!!) Ill do a full review with lots of photo's soon! Im going to test it on glitter nail varnish, the most evil thing to get rid of!!

In this makeup look I wore the free Bad Gal mascara I got with Glamour mag... I really like it but the one day I don't wear waterproof mascara I blubb like a baby! The panda eyes look is not cool anymore... overall the mascara is nice but I find with all masscara's (apart from my Max Factor) when I curl my lashes as soon as I put the mascara on they go straight. :( 

I'm also using the new Benefit Sun Beam and High Beam in this look, god i'm like obsessed with Benefit at the mo... I promise i'm not sponsored! ha I only use the Sun Beam mixed with my foundation because I don't think it looks as good on top of my foundation. 

I'm really trying to improve the look of my skin with my Clinique skin care, i've got a few blemishes recently but I think they are because i'm dieting and all the toxins are coming out. 

I think when I just put a simple blue, purple or green eye liner around my eyes it gives me a quick look that doesn't actually take that much effort. I hope it looks nice... :S

Tuesday, 5 June 2012

My Travel Make-up

These are just a few photo's of the make-up I took away with me this weekend. 

I think you have to plan what kind of "look" your going to go for when your away, and then take the things you will need. I love taking palettes because they are so versatile, I also took enough eyeliner's to give me different eye looks. 

The bag is a really cheap bag from boots years ago, I really would like to get a new bag but I don't travel that much. 

I also got the mini Porefessional and Bad girl lash free with this months Glamor mag. 

They are super helpful for travel!