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Thursday, 21 June 2012

Leighton Denny Plush Pink

This nail varnish makes me happy. Enough said! Its shiny, bubblegum pink and dries really quick, oh its also opaque in like 2 coats! Thats a happy Ellie all round.

I got it free with Harpers Bazaar which I don't normally read but I bought it especially for this nail varnish! That's commitment to beauty isn't it.

I'm currently watching 24hours of A&E, its making me feel a bit sick, I need to get back into practice haha!

I've been so busy lately just with uni work and trying to keep up with my friends ha! The life of a social butterfly, HA i'm a bit of a hermit really. 

I love being able to paint my nails, nothing better than coming home and be able to put your feet up in front of the t.v 

So anyway, some pictures of my nail varnish! Sorry for the mess, i'll clean it up later! :-) 

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