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Saturday, 30 July 2011

Body Shop Favourites

I have lots of body shop products because i worked for them a few years ago, which meant i got lots of samples and free products.

I really like the products but i think they can be too expensive. Here is a selection of the best products i have :)

Cucumber Freshening Water- £4.99 not much to say about this toner but i think it smells great and does just what it needs to do, without being very pricey.

Nutriganics Smoothing Mask- £14 i love this mask, its fab! Really works to improve the feel of your skin and smooths out any bumps or little ridges. Smells lovely too, very earthy smell.

Hemp Moisture High Balm- £6 again another all round brilliant product, works well on dry knees or heels, also good as an intensive lip balm or primer. Very cheep for what it is considering it lasts such a long time.

Baked to Last Bronzer 01 Golden Bronze- £16 i dont wear bronzer very often as i have naturally red cheeks, but i love this bronzer for a light golden look that doesn't need much effort. It also works as a selection of eye shadows with some lovely pearl like colours. Its baked for 24 hours so its very highly pigmented.

Saturday, 23 July 2011

Happy Birthday!

I know this isn't makeup related but i just wanted to say a massive happy birthday to my wonderful lovely boyfriend, Jack!  I love you so much!!

And oh a side note, my thoughts and prayers go out to all the people affected by the horror in Norway...

Tuesday, 19 July 2011

I have twitter

I know im late to the game, but i now have twitter if anyone wants to follow me :)



Monday, 18 July 2011

Mac and Lush Haul

I went to Cambridge for a wedding this weekend (Congratulations to the lovely Mr and Mrs Jeffrey) But while i was in town me and Jack decided to do some shopping. I say me and Jack, i wanted to shop therefore he wanted to shop with me : ) lol.

I went straight to Lush as i don't have one near where i live. I spend a good amount, but got some lovely products and brilliant customer service. Just a little list of what i got;

  • Vit C and Vit E toner tabs
  • Geophyzz
  • Amandopondo
  • A french kiss
  • Cerdwin's Cauldron
Mac - the woman in the shop was amazing, she looked slightly drag like, but she was a lovely lady and helped me. She didn't push me into buying anything which was a surprise.

  • Semi-precious eyeshadow, Rare Find
  • Prep & Prime skin
  • Mac brush 224

Monday, 11 July 2011

My current favourite fashion item.

I bought a lovely floral pastel coloured scarf from H&M and i've been wearing it ever since, its amazing!

So soft and colourful, it goes with everything i wear : )

Sorry about the picture, i appear to be doing something, and my lovely Anatomy and Physiology posters behind !!

The scarf was only £4.99 and totally worth it !!

Just thought i would share! xx

Benefit High Beam, Benefit Posie Tint (sample size)

I've had High Beam for a few months now, and got Posie tint free with Glamour mag like most bloggers out there *high five for amazing free gifts!*

I have been using my high beam very little as its one of those products i just forget to use, its a brilliant product and does its job perfectly, i just think its sometimes a little unnecessary *just my opinion*.

I use it for wedding make up a lot, and used it on a good friend when she got married. Its brilliant for nights out or anytime photos are going to be taken because its a highlighter. Both have a nail varnish like applicator which is pretty much useless, i put it on my fingers and then spread the product in the correct areas, high beam on cheekbones and browbone, and posie tint, obviously lip and cheek.

Posie tint is also lovely, i have bright red cheeks, ask anyone who knows me! So i rarely use blush as i really dont need it, but i find im using posie tint more and more, its a great all round product and its lovely on lips for a simple tint and balm lip look.

What benefit say- "High beam is a luminescent complexion enhancer"
"Posie Tint is a poppy-pink tinted lip and cheek stain"

I would agree with both of those statements. Now for the bad bit...

The price, High Beam- £18.50 Posie Tint £24.50 - WOW that certainly is expensive.

I bought High Beam on a whim and when i looked at my bank i wish i hadn't, but i certainly wouldn't buy a full size posie tint at that ridiculous price! My full size high beam is 13ml and the sample free posie tint is 4.0 ml.

It does last a long time, and you will probably never have to replace it, but im sure you could find a cheaper alternative on the market that would do the same job. They are good products but not worth the price at all.

Now for the pictures : )

current pet-peves

Urghh I keep seeing people with bad make-up and fashion. Im not directing this at anyone in particular its just some of the things i see and thought i would make a post about it.

1. Concealer lips- i love nude lips, but concealer just looks bad
2. Leggings used as trousers, leggings are not a replacement for trousers and i hate seeing peoples underwear through their leggings.
3. foundation lines, people BLEND YOUR FOUNDATION!
4. died hair but different coloured eyebrows,  if you have black hair and blonde eyebrows, it will look weird.
5. bad extensions, i think you all know what im talking about!