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Monday, 31 October 2011

A new addition... TO MY FACE!

So I was told about 2 weeks ago I need to wear glasses and I finally have them! I'm pretty pleased with them actually, they make my eyes look bigger and I think that they flatter my face. 

Anyway pictures...
Excuse the state of my eyebrows, need to wax them!! 

This is also a gold eye shadow that I have been trying out. 

Saturday, 22 October 2011

Make-up look using Mac paint pot Rubenesque

I've been using Mac's paint pot in Rubenesque that I bought a few months ago, its been hard to find a way to use it with other colours and not overpowering the lovely warm goldy colour. 

I used urban decay liner and naked palette to help balance out the golden shades with browns and hints of pink. 

The thing that points out to me in this picture and nearly every other picture I take of my make-up look is I never have any lip products on. I am now on a serious mission to find a 'go to' lip colour/product. 

Any suggestions would be very welcome :)

Thursday, 13 October 2011

Liz Earle skin tint

I received a few samples of the new Liz Earle Sheer Skin Tint in the post. I got 3 shades;
fair, medium and dark. 

I tried it for a few days and found that the fair shade is the best match for me. 

To be totally honest I wasn't that impressed, I like a strong coverage with a matte finish so maybe this product wasn't for me. No-where in the name does it state its a foundation so its safe to say this isn't an alternative to your regular foundation, saying that it may work for people who just want a tinted moisturiser. 

I found the texture lovely and soft and it didn't have a strong smell, but the finish was messy and I could still see blackheads/pores that I would prefer not to. It rubbed off quite easily and I found if I scratched our touched my face there was a clear mark where the product had been. 

The product felt like it would go on well with a brush or fingers, but I always use a brush as it tends to work better for me. 

I think this product would be perfect for people who have really good skin and don't want lots of coverage. I have combination skin and found by the middle of the day my T-zone was oily and the product had worn off. It may be better for people who have dry skin. 

I'm also wearing The Body Shop metallic eye liner in blue. 

Tuesday, 11 October 2011

St Ives apricot scrub

St Ives Apricot Scrub- Invigorating for all skin types

This is a well known product in the beauty world and when I saw it in Tesco for £2.99 I decided to get it. I have seen it mentioned on blogs and websites, also some of my friends have told me about it. 

What it says on the tube- "Gently exfoliates dull surface cells to instantly reveal smooth, radiant skin" 

Well I don't know about that but it is a good facial exfoliator! Its a creamy consistency with orange gritty bits* that leave your skin feeling smooth and refreshed. 
*technical term obviously. 

I've been using this scrub for about 4 days now and I find it removes my make-up (apart from mascara). 

You get 150ml for £4.38 which is pretty pricey but I got mine on offer. Here are a few pictures that I hope show off the texture. 

Monday, 10 October 2011

40/50th birthday party.

I went to a birthday party for a family friend Tamsin, it was a lovely night and I really enjoyed myself, if a little worn out.

I had quite a few people to do and I didn't have that much time. Sorry for the lack of photo's I was too busy to take as many photo's as I would have liked.

I used all of my make-up but mostly my body shop make-up seemed to fit everyone. It was easy to recreate looks that I had in mind, but it was more difficult to try and come up with looks that people explained/requested.

Everyone looked beautiful and the dresses were very elegant but I was so busy I barely had time to do my own make-up for the event.

Here are 2 of the looks,

I used the urban decay setting spray which worked really well!

Thursday, 6 October 2011

Im so excited...and i just can't hide it...

Hey everyone, hope your all keeping warm and cosy in this horrible cold weather! Im sitting by a lovely fire right now...hmmm warm!

I thought I would just post a bit about something exciting im doing this weekend. Im going to a party in London for a family friend- Hi Tamsin YOUR 40!! hahaha. 

Im very exciting because im doing the make-up for the birthday girl and lots of the lovely party guests. I shall take photo's (if all customers consent obviously) and post a bit about the make-up I chose after the event. 

I've done friends and family's make-up but never people I haven't known before (apart from people in The Body Shop or Body Shop at Home customers). 

I hope that everyone is pleased with the make-up on the night and tomorrow night i will be franticly cleaning my make-up brushes and sharpening all my pencils in preparation. 

If anyone has any advice about doing lots of people's make-up please let me know!! :)