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Sunday, 25 September 2011

Seaweed pore-cleansing facial exfoliator

I am extremely picky when it comes to cleansers/exfoliators and I tend to go off products I buy quickly, but not this one. I didn't actually plan to buy this, it was accidently ordered to a body shop at home customer and they didn't want it. 

I have been using it for the last few weeks and i'm really impressed! It cleanses really well, isn't too rough but exfoliates enough to use it 2/3 times a week. 

Its a strange texture, its like a gel with lots of bits in it. Ha that sounds fairly simple doesn't it! oh well it foams up and the smell of seaweed is quite refreshing. Sometimes it can be a bit over powering, i would say thats the only down side. 

The price isn't too bad £8.00 for 75mls, it depends on your budget and how much you can afford. If your looking for a cheaper facial exfoliator I would recommend the Superdrug T-tree facial range. 

Friday, 23 September 2011

How to enhance your eye lashes.

I always try to improve the look of my eyelashes and i think i have tried everything! Im not saying my eyes look perfect but im pretty happy with them! 

I have tried about 10 different mascara's and i always come back to the same one, Maxfactor false lash effect. This is the ONLY mascara i can use now, anything else i try just makes my lashes flat and pointy. I curl my lashes everytime i use mascara but Maxfactor false lash effect always keeps the curl and adds volume. 

I used the Urban decay 24/7 eyeliner in Zero, its so smooth and soft. These eyeliners are literally the nicest eyeliners i have ever tried!! I also used the Mac paint point Rubenesque which is a lovely sheer gold. 

I always use the Mac studio fix concealer in NW15 to help with my dark circles, although sometimes sleep is a better concealer. 

Some people are lucky enough not to need to curl their lashes and if you are that person, LUCKY YOU! I still think this mascara would work well on people as lucky as you! 

Tuesday, 20 September 2011

The Body Shop - Hi-shine lip treatment

This is basically a gloss, it says treatment on the packet but it's not. Its a super shiny gloss in a range of natural colours. 

I wore it the other day and actually i liked it, i was expecting to think ughh sticky gloss (which i did) but the colour lasted a while and the colour was very subtle. 

I have a few colours that came in a pack to me, and this is my favourite colour, its a soft brown with a hint of pink! 

They are £9.50 each which is quite expensive for a lip gloss, and i find the stickiness somewhat annoying when you have long hair! 

Cooking up a storm...

I went to a Jamie and Home party the other night and I thought I would share my make-up for the night.

It was a good night and I bought the cutest jars, so sweet! Everything was nice but really expensive and I don't like spending £40 on cookware when you can get it for £5 in Tesco, but that's just me!

Pictured above is the products I used;

  • The body shop Vitamin C skin reviver
  • Max factor false lash effect
  • The body shop shimmer waves in blush
  • Benefit High beam
  • Sample of Channel Pro Lumiere shade clair
  • Mac paint pot in Rubineques and Studio fix concealer shade NW15
  • Channel loose powder
  • The body shop shimmer cubes
  • Brushes from Elf, Mac and No7.

If you have any comments or anything you can suggest for me to do different, let me know! xxx

Tuesday, 13 September 2011

Urban Decay 15th Anniversary palette and Lancome HydraZen

I've got loads of new products and actually managed to use up quite a few :)

This urbandecay palette is totally brilliant, all the colours are really pigmented and can be used in so many different looks. I love the fact it has 3 sections of different shades. Nude, Bright and Smokey! Its really useful for homing in on the colours you need to use to make a great look. The only downfall with the colours in this palette is some of the shades seem to flake off when i swatched them, not a great thing for a fairly expensive palette, but it was only a few colours. 

It can be easy to use lots of products/colours and you end up with a mushy brown colour on your eyes. 

I got the Lancome Hydra Zen moisturiser in Debenhams the other day as it was 10% off plus i had £5 on my beauty card! It has an SPF15, sinks in really quickly and helps to reduce redness, which is perfect as i have super red cheeks. 

Sunday, 4 September 2011

Hand Bag Favourites

Every girl knows that her handbag needs to have everything and anything you may need, small or big we still managed to fill our handbags with things we need (and things we don't).

I have a very large range of handbags, purely because i get bored after a few months and feel the need to spend more money on a new bag!! Not very good for my bank account!

I'm pretty picky when it comes to handbags and they have to have a certain quality about them, that X factor in a way. Some of my best bags are from Cath Kidston, Nica or accessories. 

Anyway, back to the beauty! I always have the essentials in my bag, anything i could need when im out and about. 

1. Lip balms- I have about 10 different lip balms, which is very excessive, i only tent to use around 5-6 of them.
2. Hand creams- Being a student nurse i have constantly dry hands and the best cream in the world is The Body Shop Hemp hand cream, its just..... AMAZING! I also have a Hemp high balm which i have reviewed before-
3. Hand sanitizer -  I use the carex hand gel because it doesnt sting in any scratches or cuts i have. 
4. Lipsticks/gloss - Again i have millions of lip products that i use regularly but on the best make it to my handbag. Current fav's are my Clarins in Pink Blossom, Estee Lauder crystal creme in Crystal Pink and Missguided lipsplash in clear (free in a magazine about 4 months ago!) 
5. Perfume- Normally i stick to a lightweight body spray for my handbag because other wise my shoulder will fall off with the weight. I got this pefume from Next the other day and i LOVE IT! Miss N Seduce is such a sweet and sensual scent and cheap at only £6.50 for this 30ml bottle. 

Let me know what your hand bag essentials are?


Friday, 2 September 2011

Mac and Channel

I've been shopping with Jack in colchester and i spent quite a long time in William & Griffin a lovely department store : )

I bought a mac lipstick- Cremesheen offshoot. Its a lovely creamy dark red/plum colour and its not something i would normally buy as i tend to go for pink or neutral colours but this lipstick really makes my skin look flawless, im not even sure how! ha

I bought a mac paint pot - Rubenesque its amazing!! a lovely gold sheen and lasts ages on my skin

I also splurged and got  the channel natural finish loose powder in 20- clair. The lady was lovely and gave me loads of free samples of some foundation, looking forward to trying these out.

Im really pleased with my haul and im looking forward to trying the out in a tutorial or photo :)