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Friday, 23 September 2011

How to enhance your eye lashes.

I always try to improve the look of my eyelashes and i think i have tried everything! Im not saying my eyes look perfect but im pretty happy with them! 

I have tried about 10 different mascara's and i always come back to the same one, Maxfactor false lash effect. This is the ONLY mascara i can use now, anything else i try just makes my lashes flat and pointy. I curl my lashes everytime i use mascara but Maxfactor false lash effect always keeps the curl and adds volume. 

I used the Urban decay 24/7 eyeliner in Zero, its so smooth and soft. These eyeliners are literally the nicest eyeliners i have ever tried!! I also used the Mac paint point Rubenesque which is a lovely sheer gold. 

I always use the Mac studio fix concealer in NW15 to help with my dark circles, although sometimes sleep is a better concealer. 

Some people are lucky enough not to need to curl their lashes and if you are that person, LUCKY YOU! I still think this mascara would work well on people as lucky as you! 

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