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Tuesday, 13 September 2011

Urban Decay 15th Anniversary palette and Lancome HydraZen

I've got loads of new products and actually managed to use up quite a few :)

This urbandecay palette is totally brilliant, all the colours are really pigmented and can be used in so many different looks. I love the fact it has 3 sections of different shades. Nude, Bright and Smokey! Its really useful for homing in on the colours you need to use to make a great look. The only downfall with the colours in this palette is some of the shades seem to flake off when i swatched them, not a great thing for a fairly expensive palette, but it was only a few colours. 

It can be easy to use lots of products/colours and you end up with a mushy brown colour on your eyes. 

I got the Lancome Hydra Zen moisturiser in Debenhams the other day as it was 10% off plus i had £5 on my beauty card! It has an SPF15, sinks in really quickly and helps to reduce redness, which is perfect as i have super red cheeks. 

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