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Thursday, 8 November 2012

Nails Inc Colour Collection

Hey, sorry its been ages! Same old stuff really. I've been at uni since the end of my placement in September, its frustrating but im getting on alright, just got essays i need to buckle down and do! 

I've been spending a lot of time catching up with my friends which is lovely, seeing my friends baby who is beeeauutiful! Such a cuddly little monkey! Its nice just to chill and take a few seconds to remember what is important in life! 

I went shopping the other day to the new Tkmaxx near me, i love the one in Ipswich but Bury st Edmunds is so much closer to me so its nice to be able to just pop in there when i want! 

I went straight to the beauty goodies and saw some lovely nail polishes! This Nails Inc set caught my eye, it has everything i love in nail polishes! Glitter, pink, purple and a nude/taupe one for the times you need serious nails! (Ha serious nails!) I was a bit cautious because I dont want a fake set, i checked all the things i could think of, and then thought "who cares!" if its fake and i've not paid a fortune does it matter? i still like the colours so i dont really care if they are fake! 

I have checked since i got home just so i could let other people know they are/aren't fake and im still unsure! So if you think i've got fakes by the picture let me know!! 

These aren't the best pictures but the lighting is really bad in my kitchen at the moment! Sorry, the whole set was £14.99 normally much more than that!  So i hope they arent fake but if they are im still going to enjoy them!! :D