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About me

I thought i would just write a bit about me, i live in Suffolk UK with my family. I have a lovely boyfriend who i've been with for quite a while. Im currently studying to be a nurse (yayy) and i absolutely love make-up. My addiction started when i worked at The Body Shop i started to do people's make up and i loved it! From then on i've trained myself to do my make-up and picked up tips along the way. One of my inspirations was the MUA (Make up artist) Pixiwoo, theses sisters are beautiful, down to earth and seem to know everything about make-up! 

I have thought of training properly and becoming a make-up artist but its more a hobby than a career, and i love being a student nurse!

I love smokey eyes and glossy lips which is why my blog features so many! I do a lot of my friends make-up and i've done a few brides make-up before. 

I currently work for The Body Shop at home which means i get to party with people and sell the products, this does mean i have lots of Body Shop products but i genuinely think their products are good.