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Sunday, 26 June 2011


Its prom time guys, many kids leaving school or leaving for college are having their prom around this time. 

I just have a few pieces of advice for beauty on your prom night.

Preparation is essential, make sure you have got your skin in a good routine about 2 days before prom, 
scrub moisturise and fake tan if you want to. If you scrub every day your skin will be too raw, so just do it for the 2 days before prom, that means you don't actually have to scrub on prom night, it might make your skin red.

I would use a salt or sugar scrub; just a few i recommend...

1. Body Shop Mango body scrub
2. Body Shop shea body scrub
3. make your own! Put some olive oil, rock salt and lemon juice, rub it on dry skin 
4. Soap and Glory- flake away

 Face masks; its important to test a new face mask about a week before using it, you don't want to have a bright red face on prom night because your allergic to your new face mask. 

Choose a cleansing or refreshing face mask, something like 
1. Body Shop seaweed mask
2. Soap and Glory - scrub your nose in it
3. Body shop Nutriganic mask

Hair- this can be done during the day before your prom...

Use a hair mask to make your hair super shiny and moisturised, something like Aussie 3 minute mask or the Vo5 oil i've mentioned in a previous post. 

Once you've washed your hair turn the hot tap off and rinse your hair with ice cold water, it makes your hair really shiny. 

Invest in a good setting spray, i love the urban decay- all nighter. 
Using Benefit high beam will help highlight your cheek bones and the Urban decay Naked palette is perfect for that natural smokey eye. 

Use waterproof mascara so it doesn't crumble or run. 

Sunday, 19 June 2011

Glittery Purple eyes

I went out the other night for a friends birthday, i wore a green dress with flats and had bright purple glittery eyes.

Heres what i used, and what it looked like.

1. 17 vintage love perfect pastels
2. Urban decay 24/7 eyeliners in ASPHYXIA and RANSOM.
3. Dazzle dust by Barry M colour 31
4. Urban decay heavy metal glitter eyeliner MetalHead
5. Maxfactor False lash effect in black.
6. 17 starry eyes in Moon Rock
7. Benefit Posie tint *free sample from Glamour*

Hair Care.

I dye my hair every month with L'Oreal Red Mahogany Brown. Its permanent and i've dyed it for about 3 months now. So i try to protect my hair and its colour, just thought i would show you what i use.

1. Aussie 3 minute miracle Reconstructor deep conditioner. £4.99
2. Aussie 3 minute miracle Colour treatment £4.99
3. Aussie Miracle hair insurance leave-in conditioner £3.99
4. The Body Shop Rainforest moisture hair butter £8.00
5. Vo5 Miracle concentrate oil £4.49

The 3 minute conditioners are amazing and im sure loads of people use them, i find it best when im having a bath and i can put it on and leave it on for a good 10 minutes to get the full effect. After i dye my hair i use the colour treatment as the conditioner then and it makes my hair feel really shiny and soft.

The Vo5 oil i got because i read such good reviews on this blog- i have to say im really pleased with this oil and it helps condition my hair before i blow dry it, which makes it really silky.

The Body shop butter is good, but it makes my hair feel a little rough, it does moisture and smells amazing (of honey) but i dont find it as affective as the 3 minute treatments. Its the most expensive of the 5 and it does smell the best but i dont think its the most moisturising.

Aussie leave in conditioner, now i've been using this for about 2 years. Its amazing, its a light spray and you wouldn't think it would be that conditioning. But once you've sprayed your hair and its dry you can see the full effect. It smells lovely and leaves my hair fresh and moisturised, it doesnt make my hair greasy like lots of other leave-ins.

A lovely man... always remembered.

Just on a brief mention, on friday 17th of june at 2.30 an amazing, lovely and generous man died, Rick was like my uncle, he always cared about me and my brother and would give you the shirt of his back if you needed it. He had a beautiful family, lovely Shelly is a wonderful inspirational women who inspires me, and their two beautiful boys. They were a perfect family and Rick had touched so many people in his life. RIP Rick, always in our hearts.

Sunday, 12 June 2011

Clinique Chubby Stick- Chunky Cherry

I fell for this after the hype on the internet, ahhh so bad!

This is a lovely moisturising lipstick (I know people say its a balm but it really feels like a lipstick) the colour is a bright pinky red and it doesn't dry on my lips. Its £14 which is so pricey for what it is, and i dont think i would buy another one after this one is finished.

There isn't that much in the stick but im sure it will last long. There are so many different shades but this is the best one i could see for my skin tone.

Anyway, 6/10 pictures below...

Liz Earle cleanse & polish.

So i got this the other day as everyone has been talking about it!

I have to say, its amazing. My skin feels totally cleansed after and it doesn't make my skin feel tight before i moisturise. Even if i have cleansed my skin if i use this product it gets a little bit more off, and shows on the cloth. The product smells lovely, the rosemary in it leaves a lovely smell on your skin, not to overpowering.

I would have to say this is the best cleanser i have used in a long time, it will be one of my staple products from now on ! 9/10 only downfall is there isn't a liz earle shop near me so i have to buy online, and i much prefer going in the shop.

Saturday, 11 June 2011

a mixture of reviews...

I've spend lots of money recently on lots of different beauty and make-up products. 

Liz Earle; skin repair moisturiser dry/sensitive - this product is amazing, it sinks in really quickly and smells really fresh, leaves my skin moisturised but not sticky! 9/10 for this product!
Liz Earle instant boost skin tonic- haven't used this much as it was a free gift with the rest of my products, it smells lovely but stings a bit after i cleanse. Will see how it works after a few weeks. 5/10

Clinique all about the eyes (sample size) this product is probably the worst eye product i have used, it sings, smells funny and doesnt make any different to my eyes! Glad i didn't spend any money on it... 2/10
Clinique high impact mascara (sample size) again an aweful mascara, i curled my lashes as normal and applied the mascara as normal, after 10 seconds my lashes were straight. After a few hours the mascara had crumbled off and was down my face! Not good!! 2/10

Blistex intensive moisturiser lip balm - This is my favourite lip balm, it doesn't smell nice and feels tingly but when my lips are really dry it helps sooth and moisturise them! lovely over night after i've ex foliated my lips. 8/10

Rimmel day to night mascara in black- this isn't a great product eather, the volume wand is too big and the mascara gets on the top of my lids. The length wand is good but again straighten out my lashes. The length wand is great for the bottom lashes as it evenly covers them. 5/10