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Saturday, 11 June 2011

a mixture of reviews...

I've spend lots of money recently on lots of different beauty and make-up products. 

Liz Earle; skin repair moisturiser dry/sensitive - this product is amazing, it sinks in really quickly and smells really fresh, leaves my skin moisturised but not sticky! 9/10 for this product!
Liz Earle instant boost skin tonic- haven't used this much as it was a free gift with the rest of my products, it smells lovely but stings a bit after i cleanse. Will see how it works after a few weeks. 5/10

Clinique all about the eyes (sample size) this product is probably the worst eye product i have used, it sings, smells funny and doesnt make any different to my eyes! Glad i didn't spend any money on it... 2/10
Clinique high impact mascara (sample size) again an aweful mascara, i curled my lashes as normal and applied the mascara as normal, after 10 seconds my lashes were straight. After a few hours the mascara had crumbled off and was down my face! Not good!! 2/10

Blistex intensive moisturiser lip balm - This is my favourite lip balm, it doesn't smell nice and feels tingly but when my lips are really dry it helps sooth and moisturise them! lovely over night after i've ex foliated my lips. 8/10

Rimmel day to night mascara in black- this isn't a great product eather, the volume wand is too big and the mascara gets on the top of my lids. The length wand is good but again straighten out my lashes. The length wand is great for the bottom lashes as it evenly covers them. 5/10

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