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Sunday, 19 June 2011

Hair Care.

I dye my hair every month with L'Oreal Red Mahogany Brown. Its permanent and i've dyed it for about 3 months now. So i try to protect my hair and its colour, just thought i would show you what i use.

1. Aussie 3 minute miracle Reconstructor deep conditioner. £4.99
2. Aussie 3 minute miracle Colour treatment £4.99
3. Aussie Miracle hair insurance leave-in conditioner £3.99
4. The Body Shop Rainforest moisture hair butter £8.00
5. Vo5 Miracle concentrate oil £4.49

The 3 minute conditioners are amazing and im sure loads of people use them, i find it best when im having a bath and i can put it on and leave it on for a good 10 minutes to get the full effect. After i dye my hair i use the colour treatment as the conditioner then and it makes my hair feel really shiny and soft.

The Vo5 oil i got because i read such good reviews on this blog- i have to say im really pleased with this oil and it helps condition my hair before i blow dry it, which makes it really silky.

The Body shop butter is good, but it makes my hair feel a little rough, it does moisture and smells amazing (of honey) but i dont find it as affective as the 3 minute treatments. Its the most expensive of the 5 and it does smell the best but i dont think its the most moisturising.

Aussie leave in conditioner, now i've been using this for about 2 years. Its amazing, its a light spray and you wouldn't think it would be that conditioning. But once you've sprayed your hair and its dry you can see the full effect. It smells lovely and leaves my hair fresh and moisturised, it doesnt make my hair greasy like lots of other leave-ins.


  1. Try to use a dim size of THE BODY SHOP hair butter you have as a leave in conditioner on a towel dried hair. And notice the difference ^_^.