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Sunday, 26 June 2011


Its prom time guys, many kids leaving school or leaving for college are having their prom around this time. 

I just have a few pieces of advice for beauty on your prom night.

Preparation is essential, make sure you have got your skin in a good routine about 2 days before prom, 
scrub moisturise and fake tan if you want to. If you scrub every day your skin will be too raw, so just do it for the 2 days before prom, that means you don't actually have to scrub on prom night, it might make your skin red.

I would use a salt or sugar scrub; just a few i recommend...

1. Body Shop Mango body scrub
2. Body Shop shea body scrub
3. make your own! Put some olive oil, rock salt and lemon juice, rub it on dry skin 
4. Soap and Glory- flake away

 Face masks; its important to test a new face mask about a week before using it, you don't want to have a bright red face on prom night because your allergic to your new face mask. 

Choose a cleansing or refreshing face mask, something like 
1. Body Shop seaweed mask
2. Soap and Glory - scrub your nose in it
3. Body shop Nutriganic mask

Hair- this can be done during the day before your prom...

Use a hair mask to make your hair super shiny and moisturised, something like Aussie 3 minute mask or the Vo5 oil i've mentioned in a previous post. 

Once you've washed your hair turn the hot tap off and rinse your hair with ice cold water, it makes your hair really shiny. 

Invest in a good setting spray, i love the urban decay- all nighter. 
Using Benefit high beam will help highlight your cheek bones and the Urban decay Naked palette is perfect for that natural smokey eye. 

Use waterproof mascara so it doesn't crumble or run. 

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