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Sunday, 4 September 2011

Hand Bag Favourites

Every girl knows that her handbag needs to have everything and anything you may need, small or big we still managed to fill our handbags with things we need (and things we don't).

I have a very large range of handbags, purely because i get bored after a few months and feel the need to spend more money on a new bag!! Not very good for my bank account!

I'm pretty picky when it comes to handbags and they have to have a certain quality about them, that X factor in a way. Some of my best bags are from Cath Kidston, Nica or accessories. 

Anyway, back to the beauty! I always have the essentials in my bag, anything i could need when im out and about. 

1. Lip balms- I have about 10 different lip balms, which is very excessive, i only tent to use around 5-6 of them.
2. Hand creams- Being a student nurse i have constantly dry hands and the best cream in the world is The Body Shop Hemp hand cream, its just..... AMAZING! I also have a Hemp high balm which i have reviewed before-
3. Hand sanitizer -  I use the carex hand gel because it doesnt sting in any scratches or cuts i have. 
4. Lipsticks/gloss - Again i have millions of lip products that i use regularly but on the best make it to my handbag. Current fav's are my Clarins in Pink Blossom, Estee Lauder crystal creme in Crystal Pink and Missguided lipsplash in clear (free in a magazine about 4 months ago!) 
5. Perfume- Normally i stick to a lightweight body spray for my handbag because other wise my shoulder will fall off with the weight. I got this pefume from Next the other day and i LOVE IT! Miss N Seduce is such a sweet and sensual scent and cheap at only £6.50 for this 30ml bottle. 

Let me know what your hand bag essentials are?


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