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Thursday, 6 October 2011

Im so excited...and i just can't hide it...

Hey everyone, hope your all keeping warm and cosy in this horrible cold weather! Im sitting by a lovely fire right now...hmmm warm!

I thought I would just post a bit about something exciting im doing this weekend. Im going to a party in London for a family friend- Hi Tamsin YOUR 40!! hahaha. 

Im very exciting because im doing the make-up for the birthday girl and lots of the lovely party guests. I shall take photo's (if all customers consent obviously) and post a bit about the make-up I chose after the event. 

I've done friends and family's make-up but never people I haven't known before (apart from people in The Body Shop or Body Shop at Home customers). 

I hope that everyone is pleased with the make-up on the night and tomorrow night i will be franticly cleaning my make-up brushes and sharpening all my pencils in preparation. 

If anyone has any advice about doing lots of people's make-up please let me know!! :)


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