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Friday, 8 June 2012

Photo of the day

Evening everyone, hope you have had a nice week, I can't believe its Friday already. TGIF!!!

I literally cannot be more happy its the weekend, i've been non-stop this week and im excited to chill and have a relaxed weekend with my family! 

I've been doing some pretty heavy stuff at uni at the moment so I keep crying all the time (puffy eyes are no fun!) My concealer is nearly ran out 'cos I keep using the stuff!! 

I recently bought the Boujour magic nail polish remover (oh my god its good!!) Ill do a full review with lots of photo's soon! Im going to test it on glitter nail varnish, the most evil thing to get rid of!!

In this makeup look I wore the free Bad Gal mascara I got with Glamour mag... I really like it but the one day I don't wear waterproof mascara I blubb like a baby! The panda eyes look is not cool anymore... overall the mascara is nice but I find with all masscara's (apart from my Max Factor) when I curl my lashes as soon as I put the mascara on they go straight. :( 

I'm also using the new Benefit Sun Beam and High Beam in this look, god i'm like obsessed with Benefit at the mo... I promise i'm not sponsored! ha I only use the Sun Beam mixed with my foundation because I don't think it looks as good on top of my foundation. 

I'm really trying to improve the look of my skin with my Clinique skin care, i've got a few blemishes recently but I think they are because i'm dieting and all the toxins are coming out. 

I think when I just put a simple blue, purple or green eye liner around my eyes it gives me a quick look that doesn't actually take that much effort. I hope it looks nice... :S

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