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Wednesday, 1 September 2010

Smokey eyes

So Im a massive fan of smokey eyes, I have been doing them on customers for a while now and started doing them on myself about 4 months back. I don't tend to use black or grey because it is kinda harsh on me. I much prefer blue/brown or purple smokey eyes. I plan on showing you guys later on today :)

I have seen the benefit smokey eye's kit and think its a really good idea, if your a bit new to smokey eyes this looks like a good thing, the only problem is it's price, at £23.50 if your not made of money that's alot! Which is kind of why I don't really buy benefit stuff. I mean it's lovely stuff, but just so overpriced for what it is, I feel that you are paying for the fancy names and cute packaging (which is something I would love if I had the money!) *picture found of the Benefit Website*

I love the fact that the benefit Big Beautiful Eyes set is that it gives you instructions on how to apply, which I think make-up companies should be doing more. The colours in this set are beautiful, soft pink and browns that can be used alone or together to create the smokey eye's look. If I were to get this kit I wouldn't use it alone, you could glam it up with some metalic gold or purple.

As I mentioned before, I will post some pictures of my own smokey eye look later :)


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