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Monday, 30 August 2010

My first post...

So this is my first post, today was my last day a The Body Shop working part time (weekends). I left so I could put 100% into my University course which is Adult Nursing. Anyway my work at The Body Shop has inspired me and fed my addiction to all things beauty and make-up.

Just a little about me, I'm 18 and live in Suffolk, I have been doing my A-levels but received an Unconditional offer for my course and just continued with my Diploma in Health and Social care. I have a boyfriend called Jack and we have been together for nearly 3 years. I have the most amazing best friend called Amy and she is lovely. I'm hoping to meet lots of new people at Uni but still keep all the friends I have at home. I plan on living at home for the first year at Uni because it is a local University, but I really want to move in with Jack next year.

My friends and family mean the world to me and so does make-up and beauty. I am always interested in new and different things in make-up and beauty. Being a student I'm not exactly rich but get a lot of products through work. I do have some expensive products but about 80% are Body Shop.

So with this Blog I am going to show different looks each week, with tips and my own twist on classics and totally new looks. I will do natural looks to a full face of "going out" make-up.

I know there are many other beauty blogs out there but I hope you will be interested to see what I have to show you.

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