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Tuesday, 2 August 2011

Tut Tut

I thought i'd just post about the make-up and crimes i commit, i know i shouldn't but i do : (

1. Don't take my makeup off before bed- I know this is terrible for my skin but most of the time, im just too tired or cant be bothered to take it off.

2. Rub my eyes- I'll regret this when im old and wrinkly but i just wack my eye cream on and rub it in. When im tired and i've got sore eyes, i rub my eyes.

3. I don't clean my makeup brushes as often as i should- thats basically it, i dont clean them every use, or even every other day. I probably clean them every week but i know i should do it more.

4. I pump my mascara, everyone says how bad this is, and i understand but i use it so much and it gets used up so quickly i dont worry about pumping it.

5. I don't tone- im sure i should and im sure it does many people a lot of good, but i never see a difference in my skin so i dont see the point in wasting my money using it. I was given a Lush toner spray from my best friend and i use that in the evenings to cool my skin.

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