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Monday, 15 August 2011

Elizabeth Arden - Eight hour cream

This is what I call, "magic cream" and its amazing !!!

Its a skin protecting cream and it treats burns, scars, sunburn, cracks, spots, cuts and grazes. It helps with really dry skin and minor skin complaints.

We (my family and me) call it magic cream because if you burn your finger, or have a sore bit on your face it helps to heal it so quickly with this strong and powerful cream.

Its a orange like thick gel/cream and sinks in to the skin after a short while, its not something you would use every day but it something you NEED in your bathroom!

It is £25 for 50mls which is quite expensive for a cream, but you wont use it up so its totally worth it!!

I would rate this product 10/10 i know its pricey but very very worth it as you will find so many uses for it and  you will find yourself picking it up on many occasions.

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