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Monday, 15 August 2011

Superdrug Tea tree and Peppermint facial skin care.

I bought this range a while back as i love the combination of tea tree and peppermint together and this range seems to work really well.

From Superdrug is a pretty cheap range and isn't tested on animals, both things i love :)

Its not fancy and doesn't claim to do anything amazing but its good quality and cheap. It works well and does what it says on the tin (well not actually a tin, more like a tube)

I have;

Foaming facial wash 160ml - £2.99
Gel facial wash 150ml - £2.99
Face scrub 75ml - £2.99

You can find a description for these products on the superdrug website.

Personally i love these products and for a quick and easy, fresh set of cleansers they are perfect. The scrub is good and isnt too harsh, so could be used daily.

I would give the range 8/10 Its a brilliant set of products but if you want something that does more then you might want to try Lizze Earlie products, they are also brilliant.

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