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Tuesday, 8 November 2011

High end makeup vs Highstreet makeup

This debate has been going on for years and im always asked, do you prefer high end or high street makeup? 

I'll just define what I consider to be high end and high street. High end is brands like Channel, Urban Decay, Mac, Benefit, Clarins, Clinique, Estee Lauder, Lancome, Nars, Dior I could go on...

High Street are brands like... Sleek, Rimmel, Maxfactor, MUA, No7, 17, UNE, Barry M, L'oreal, Collection 2000, Revlon...

Just before people get angry I have nothing against any makeup brands, im not personally involved with any makeup brands apart from The Body Shop. 

I am strongly against animal testing for cosmetic reasons so I try to use makeup that I know hasn't been tested on animals. Most of the high end makeup companies DO NOT test on animals whereas the high street makeup brands mostly DO test on animals. 

I tent to buy makeup products from High end companies because the pure quality of the products are just so much better! You pay a lot more money and sometimes the products are smaller but your paying for the quality, service and you know your getting a good product. 

This doesn't mean to say I don't use or buy high street products but there is nothing better than bringing home a new Mac lipstick or Channel foundation and being extra excited to try it out. 

I recently introduced my friend into High end makeup. I hope your all sitting down because wait till you hear this... she only had 1 lipstick in her whole possession !!!! Im not a huge fan of lipstick and i have 12!! So I just had to get her a loveellyy lipstick, she bought a beautiful nude cream style lipstick from Channel! 

I could tell she was excited as the lady handed her a Channel bag, she held it with pride!! lol

Anyway if anyone has any views or thoughts about high end vs high street I'd love to here them! :)


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