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Saturday, 5 November 2011

Barely There look

I put on my make-up this morning thinking URGHHH I really can't be bothered to try today, I'll just put on what's needed! 

So I did... lol

I used a free sample of a new Channel mascara, that I will review after I've worn it a few times.
My Clarins foundation which I can't wait to get rid off, 
Channel loose powder,
Benefit Posie tint
Clinique chubby stick


  1. So pretty! What did you think of the mascara? i need a new one O_O i am used to those cheap boots natural collection ones! xxx

  2. Its a good mascara, i always stick to my Maxfactor False lash effect one because i know it works, but the new channel one is quite good! It did make my lashes slightly flatter than usual so i would go back to my Maxfactor one. :)