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Thursday, 3 November 2011

Lush SnowFairy and Sleek Brow Kit

Hey guys, hope everyone is enjoying November! I can't quite believe its already November, feels like the whole of summer was a blink. 

I start back on placement soon and I'm really excited to get back on the ward, being in Uni is great and the layin's are amaze, but I miss being active and learning about real people and their medical issues. I'm also really busy with my work The Body Shop At Home parties over the next few months, Christmas is our biggest selling time! I love doing parties but I don't know how many I will do when I'm on placement. My course/career always comes first!

Anyway! Back to the blogging... kind of got sidetracked there! 

I bought a few things about a week ago, but haven't blogged about them yet 'cos I lost my camera *slaps wrist* 

I bought the Sleek Brow Kit after seeing it on a blog I really love, Dainty Dollymix- 

I am really pleased with the sleek kit but I think the problem with my brows is I need them properly waxed and I also need a decent brush to use in my eyebrows, If you know of any good brushes let me know!!

As for Lush Snow Fairy I saw some people mention it on twitter and when I went into the shop it grabbed me like chocolate or anything purple! 

The smell is amazing, think... bubblegum, candyfloss, sugar, marshmallows and lots of yummy girly sweet things! 

My mum hates it! like HATES IT! She thinks its wayy to sickly, oh well! 

Its not for people like her who don't like fake synthetic sugary smells but it is for me! The glitter in the bottom is just like the cherry on the top of the loveliness! I saw someone mention on the Makeup and Beauty Blog- about the glitter and how long it lasts, so I tried it out and the glitter doesn't last long at all *sadface* it rinses off in the shower but does make you feel special in the shower :) 

Whoooaah information overload there! Sorry about that! 

Have a good evening :D xxx

I hope the people I have mentioned in this blogpost don't mind being mentioned :) Its all good stuff anyways! :D

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