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Friday, 11 November 2011

Benefit Ticket To Glossytown

I was sent these ohhh about 6MONTHS AGO! lol But was asked to blog about them nearer to Christmas, well I think its pretty darn near to Christmas!! 

L-R *Life on the A list* *Spiked Punch* *Nudie tude* *Foxy lady* *So frisk me* *Kiss you* 
I love the colours of some of these lipglosses, and the texture is lovely. The smell is slightly sweet for me but they don't feel sticky at all. Very moisturising formula. :) 

My favourite colour is so frisk me and nudie tude ! The colours a lovely and bright but I can't see how anyone will be able to pull off Spiked punch but I'm sure someone out there can!! 

I will soon include them in a FOTD! :D 

The set is £19.50 and I think that's pretty steep for a set of mini glosses. 

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