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Sunday, 3 October 2010


Hey guys, sorry i haven't posted in soooo long, i have been really busy. The first bit of this post wont be about make-up but the end will :)

I have started my nursing course now and im loving it! Im going on placement soon in a ward, im so excited. Im learning so much, finding some parts difficult though. I guess its like that with any course. I am currently nursing (ha i know) a throat infection (urghhh) which is making me feel rubbishhh! Oh well lemsip to the rescue!

So my 2 favourite people in the world (Jack and Amy) i have spent a lot of time with Jack recently and i love him so much. And Amy can't make me laugh anymore, shes the most amazing friend i could ask for :)

Anyway, make up!! I have tried the new MUA make up at superdrug (through the lovely people at I bought lots of different shades of purple (being my favourite colour) and it is beautiful! I lasts for hours and blends really well! It was only £1 too. I also bought a clear mascara for my lower lashes and brows.

So i recommend you get a couple of these (cos they are so cheap) and blending them together, the dark purple works really well on a wet slanted brush as a softer version to a liquid liner.

Sorry i dont have any pictures for you guys... i will upload some soon :) xx

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