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Saturday, 5 February 2011

Body Shop Seaweed Face Mask review.

Hi, hope everyone is alright, i decided to do a face mask the other day thinking my skin needed a pick me up. I routed through my draws to find this beauty. The body shop seaweed face mask, designed for normal to oily skin. I get an oily T-zone so thought i would put this one on. 

This is what they say- "A deep-cleansing mask treatment with algae extracts and combined natural ionic clay action to draw impurities from the pores and absorb excess oil. Enriched with minerals to condition and revitalise the skin." This mask is called "ionic clay mask" so it goes on your skin cool and soft, when it dries it gets very hard and begins to crumble. 

I feel this mask works wonders when its on your skin, i can feel the cooling effect it has. 

The packaging and price are good, when i bought this product it only cost me about £9 but the current price is £11. The packaging is plain and simple but i like the clean pot and it doesn't dry around the edges leaving a mess. 

After using the mask i found my skin to be a bit tight, i needed to moisturise afterwards. It does leave my skin very soft and my face feels cleansed. 

The only problem is washing it of, you will need a muslin cloth or sponge to get it off because of how it dries on. But i would expect that with a clay mask. So over all i would rate this product about 8/10. It leaves my skin lovely and is perfect for oily, combination skin. 

- Just applied
 Nearly dry-------

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