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Sunday, 22 May 2011

Marie Claire- free Body Shop Butter

So i bought Marie Clarie today because it had a lovely mini body butter in it, i have been wanting this body butter for a while its "Dreams Unlimited" and smells like Marc Jacobs-Daisy. Its a light floraly smell with hints of vanilla and Jasmin.

I love this body butter because i find the fragrance lasts all day. The Body Shop have a whole range for this fragrance which includes the eau de parfum.

Eau de parfum- £14
Body Wash- £6.50
Body Lotion- £7.50
Body Butter- £12.50

Now normally i always opt for the lowest price of the product i like but if i were to buy one of these i would go for the body butter over the lotion. The body butter last for 12 hours on the skin and is very moisturising, whereas the lotion is alot less moisturising and only lasts a few hours on the skin. I think for this one the more expensive one is better.

Some pictures...

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