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Tuesday, 14 February 2012

Mac Lipstick

I got this lipstick for Christmas from Jack, I chose it but he wrapped it up and saved it for Christmas :)

I've finished placement now and got a bit of a break ! Its nice to spend some time with my family and Jack while I can. As soon as i know it ill be back on placement again and rushed off my feet. 

When ever I finish placement the first thing I do is paint my nails! Sad I know, but I love seeing my nails lovely and painted with bright sparkly nail varnish. 

I know its valentines day today and I've spent most the day with Jack, we never really do much for valentines, im not sure why it just always seems to pass us by. We are both ill at the moment so were not being much fun, he got me some roses and a card and I made him some heart shape cakes and a card! We love each other and have been together for 4 years so the whole valentines thing isn't a huge deal anymore. 

Im sitting here with macaroons next too me, I've never tried them before but saw them in M&S and thought I would try them. Im not that impressed really, they just taste like sugar. :S oh well! 

The lipsticks called speed dial and the nail varnish is Happy Birthday from Deborah Lippmann. 
I've got a few pictures anyway!! 


  1. Oooh I love Speed Dial, and those macaroons look yummy :-)

  2. Yeah its a really lovely colour! I wear it all the time! :)