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Sunday, 16 September 2012

L'Occitane Almond Shower Oil

 Hey guys, how have you been?!? It's been a while since I posted, im on placement at the moment in A&E so i've been so busy! 

I have been meaning to post about this product for a few weeks, i bought it in august time and have been using it on and off. 

Originally i bought it after seeing lots of blogs mention it and how it was a "favourite product" of many bloggers out there!  

I haven't had the best time with this product, but that could be partly my fault. I knew this shower oil wasn't going to foam up as much as a "normal" shower gel, but i wasn't expecting the foam to be so little and last for such a small time. 

The smell is also very mild, and for someone who likes a strong smelling shower gel this really wasn't the product for me! This isn't the fault of the product, but my expectations were very high. 

When buying the product, i smelt it and felt it, looked at the price and had to pick my jaw off the floor! I can't actually believe i spend £16.50 on a shower gel! When I normally stretch to (at most) £6 on a shower gel, spending nearly double that i was expecting something fantastic! I was slightly disappointed with this product. 

Im not advising you guys not to buy this product i just wanted to give you my thoughts on it :) 

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