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Wednesday, 21 December 2011

Bought a few things :)

I went to Norwich today shopping with the bf and our friend, I got some things for me and others! 

I would show you some of the make-up/nail stuff i got but Jack got it for me for Christmas/ my birthday present! Soooo he's keeping it at his to wrap up for Christmas. BOOOO

I found the MAC shop in Norwich, I had no idea there was one even there! What a find!!

I also saw the nail shop next to it in Jarrods and searched high and low for the 2 colours i want. They didn't have any of the colours I wanted :(

Very sad little Ellie on the way home!!

Anyway, I'm looking at some new cameras/ video cameras to do some better photography and video some make-up tutorials! 

Merry Christmas everyone! I know this time of year should be happy but i can't help thinking of people who aren't around to see this years Christmas! :( 

If anyone has any idea's of camera's to get please tell me!! 

My cute little cat Stanley who has a bad eye at the moment :(

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