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Monday, 12 December 2011

Current Loves

In the make-up department I'm really loving quite a few products! I have been using the Bourjos healthy mix serum foundation in the morning for every day make-up. Its easy to put on and lasts most the day. I find its more natural than my Channel one which i use more for special occasions or going out.

I've also been loving the new eye make-up I bought from Urban Decay and Bobbi Brown, the gel liner is amazing and lasts all day!!

The last few weeks have been manic cos I've been on placement and the whole world seems to collapse when I'm busy on placement. Christmas is so soon and I managed to get all my presents done the other day, im so excited about my mum's present. Its taken all the self restraint in the world to not go and give it to her!

Merry Christmas guys, another post coming up soon borrowing my boyfriends camera (yay decent pictures) cant wait to get my new camera for my birthday !!

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