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Thursday, 12 July 2012

Clinique Skincare Review

So I've been wanted to write this post for a while, but with it being a skincare review I wanted to wait until I felt I could properly rate the products. 

I've been using Clinique skincare for around 3 months now and I can say I'm pleasantly surprised. Here is what I've been using;

  • Liquid Facial Soap (200ml - £15)
  • Clarifying Lotion -combination/oily (200ml - £16)
  • Dramatically Different Moisturising Gel (50ml - £17)
  • Moisture Surge (free sample with Glamour Magazine 30ml)
  • All About the Eyes (15ml - £24) 
Firstly the liquid facial soap, I used to think that soap was bad for your face but since my skin has been increasingly oily lately maybe facial soap was the way forward. This liquid soap is 100% fragrance free and allergy tested (but not tested on animals), therefore it provides a light, transparent foaming liquid that has no smell and thoroughly cleanses your skin. I have found that I have less blackheads than I did 2 months ago, my skin feels softer and cleaner than my previous facial wash. 

Now on to the Clarifying lotion (toner to you and I) this lotion is something I was really sceptical about, it smells like nail varnish remover (yuck, I know) and burns if you get it in your eyes... BUT this is the only product I have found that really helps control my T-zone oil and helps balance my skin. It does strip your skin, and could be harsh on some skin types but when used effectively I feel this is my secret weapon against troublesome skin. 

Next is the Dramatically different moisturising gel, this is something completely new to me, I have always been a thick moisturiser kind of gal, so when I got this I was interested to see how It would work. Its a light yellow gel that sinks in instantly to the skin and quickly moisturises the skin. I sometimes think It could be slightly thicker but then I just use the Moisture Surge as a mask and my skin feels more moisturised. 

The moisture surge is something I got free with Glamour Magazine a few months ago, I'm still not completely sure what it is (not a very good beauty blogger am I!) but it works! I use it as mentioned above as a quick mask or overnight when my skin feels more dry than normal. I do like this product, and I use it but I don't think I would re-purchase because I just don't think its effective enough. 

All about the eyes is my absolute favourite skincare item and something I hope I never have to live without! Its a thick gel/cream consistency that takes a few seconds to soak in but feels like velvet on your skin. It has improved the appearance of my eyes and reduced my dark circles and bags under my eyes. 

So overall after that essay-like blog post, I love Clinique skincare, its not too expensive, and offers a huge range of choice plus it works (which is a bonus!) I hope your get a chance to try out some the skincare at Clinique :)

Hope that didn't bore you too much :D xx

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