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Wednesday, 18 July 2012

Mid-week make-up

Hasn't it been the worst week for weather! Just awful really, oh well! We power on through anyway.
I've been crazy busy recently, doing some clinical recovery hours at one of my placements, it basically means I have to make-up hours from when i've been off sick in placements in this year. My exam is also coming up soon, so I have to make time to revise (which i'm not good at) its also Jacks 21st birthday on Monday and im really excited about all the things im planning :) 

I just thought I would show my mid week make-up look, its pretty much the same as always, but in case you had forgotten my face, here it is :D 

I'm trying really hard to loose more weight and detox this week, but it seems no matter how hard I stick to Weight Watchers I still don't loose weight, i exercise too so I really don't know what is going wrong :S 

My friend Zoe is going on holiday soon and we went shopping for her clothes, which was good because when I go on holiday later in August she can help me !! Ha :D 

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