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Tuesday, 10 July 2012

New things, Norwich haul

Evening dolls, hows your week going? I'm confused about what day it is really, I know that sounds strange but i've just been drifting around over the last few days. I slept over at my friends house last night and we had a girly sleep over with Zoe, Jaz and me :) We ate pizza, drank wine and watched t.v, it was lovely! Today we went to see Friends with Kids at the cinema, its a pretty good film :) 

I went shopping to Norwich the other day with my Mum and I picked up a few things in Mac and Urban Decay, and a really pretty nail varnish from TopShop, my first (but not last) of the Topshop make-up. The nail varnish is Adrenaline and its the most sparkly pink/blue/purple shimmery explosion known to man! It is gorgeous!! 

I'm still actually at uni (not fair right!) while all my friends and boyfriend finished in May im still slogging away at revision and presentation work while going to uni a few days a week until this Friday, but my exam is on the 31st of July so ill be revising 'till then really. Although I might take a break for Jack's 21st birthday in a few weeks :) 

Now onto the make-up, i picked up a few Urban Decay eyeliners in Norwich, i repurchased Binge (dark navy blue) and got Delinquent (deep shimmering purple) It's the first (deep) purple eyeliner i've got from Urban Decay because the one that came with the original set I bought wasn't very impressive. I do have the Bobbi Brown liquid eyeliner in purple but i do struggle with liquid eyeliners. 

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