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Tuesday, 29 May 2012

Benefit Sun Beam

Evening guys, hope your all enjoying your week, and looking forward to the Jubilee weekend, I'm going away to see some family! 

I bought this the other day with my friend Emma, we were in Debenhams and there was 10% off everything in beauty and fragrance! Wooo

I've been using it every day since, instead of my High Beam, I wanted something a little more summery and bronze since Im not as pasty white as normal! 

I actually like it better mixed in with my foundation because it then spreads across all my face to give a glowy base. 

I really like the golden case and the size of the brush, just like the High beam it lasts all day and is very versatile. 

I got this one for around £16 but I think it retails at around £18.50

When I first got this I didn't think it was working very well, and that it was really weak. When I tried it with the foundation it worked really well!! 

So ill keep going with it! 

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