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Sunday, 13 May 2012

Clearasil Daily Clear- Vitamins and Extracts scrub

I bought this scrub a while back and I thought I would wait 'till I could properly review it. I saw it on Holly's blog- who by the way does the most awesome reviews, always check out her blog before I buy anything! ha

Its a daily face scrub something a bit less strong than my "DIY face scrub" something I can use every other day on my skin to brighten it up! 

Its got a creamy texture with small beads in it, obviously to scrub away all the dirt and dead skin cells. Its a kind of blue/green colour which doesn't really bother me! 

It cost me around £3.99 from tesco but superdrug do some offers some times, which is always worth checking out. 

This scrub has helped improve the look and feel of my skin in around 2 weeks use. It obviously isn't a miracle worker, and will not improve your skin alone, you need to remove your make-up, cleanse, tone and moisturise daily and drink plenty of water... but this scrub DOES make a difference with all those things combined. Its a cheap way to improving your skin and doesn't take that much time/effort as you wash your face every day anyway (i hope, all you grubby lot out there!) :D

That's my mum's hand, thanks mum :D <3 

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