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Wednesday, 23 May 2012

Illamasqua Throb Nail Varnish- classic red

Love this nail varnish its such a classic pillar-box red, its opaque with one coat and stays chip free for around 4-5 days ! 

Now i'm off placement for a while I can wear nail varnish (yess) its something I really look forward to in the evenings! Im so sad...

I love picking out the colours and prep'ing my nails for the polish!  

I love the illamasqua products and they've got some really pretty colours out this summer, I would buy more of their nail varnishes. 


  1. Never tried illamasqua nail polish, but if they are opaque with one coat then i might have to give them a go!!


  2. They are seriously impressive, the only thing is they take a while to dry on my nails, but i may try that OPI quick dry top coat, hopefully it does a good job! :D xx