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Friday, 25 May 2012

A few empty products!

Afternoon guys, hope everyone is enjoying the sun! 

I've used up these products over the last few weeks, some of them I have re-bought some I haven't/wont. 

The mango shower gel and mango body scrub are brilliant, they smell amazing! The body scrub is very gritty so really gets all the dead skin. The Mango shower gel lasts me foreveerr, I've had this bottle for around 5 months now, although I haven't used it all the time, a little really goes a long way! 

The Original source shower gel is something i've blogged about before, I will be re-purchasing this again and again. This is actually my 2nd bottle! 

The Aussie shampoo has to be my new love, this is my 2nd bottle and I am already on my next one, I re-purchased the mega sized ones and its honestly the best shampoo i've tried in years! 

The other empty product is my old Clarins moisturiser, I haven't bought it again because I found it a bit heavy on my skin, instead i've been using my Clinique lotion, which is lovely! 

Anyway, I hope everyone enjoys their weekend, thanks for reading! Oh and hi to my new followers! :D 


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