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Tuesday, 22 May 2012

Revlon lip butter- my "no foundation" look :D

Afternoon all, god hasn't it been so nice out today! I've been cleaning all day (yay) 

I was really inspired by Vivanna's blog post about her no foundation look and I thought I'd try it out for myself :D (

I'm also loving the Revlon lip butters they are really pigmented and smooth so its a lovely combination of lipstick and lip balm! This colour is Cotton Candy :D 

This look took be about 10 mins to do  and I have to say I think i'll do it again obviously it doesn't have as much coverage because i'm not wearing any foundation! 

I used my concealer around my eyes and cheeks just to give me a bit of coverage, and lots of highlighter (benefits high beam) and my Mac transparent powder. 

I'm wearing urban decay eye liner and eye shadow from naked2 palette. 


  1. Your skin looks really good! :). I don't think I'm brave enough to try this though! x

  2. Your skin looks amazing, I don't think you really need foundation at all - I'm so jealous! Love the lip butter on you too, they feel really odd to me, don't like! xx

  3. Awhh thanks guys, I think on a good skin day you can totally pull it off! The butters are a bit hit and miss I think they look great on some people but this one actually is pretty wearable! xxx