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Thursday, 3 May 2012

Estee Lauder Double Wear

Estee Lauder Double Wear.

This is just a little review of this foundation that i'm trying at the moment, I got a free sample when I went to ask what my shade is. 

I'm not actually sure whether I like it or not, (ha) its not a foundation i've ever tried before and there is so much hype about it. I was looking for a foundation that lasted all day, I work on the wards and in all places as a student nurse. I have to work ridiculous hours and need my make up to stay on. 

Like i've said before, im still trying this one out but I thought i'd post a picture of my make up for work the other day. 

As a student nurse I have to tone down my make up and choose soft colours with slightly coloured lips, I have to be professional but still be myself, its not always easy to get a good balance. 

Sorry I look really annoyed in these photo's, i'd been to the gym and done loads of work and it wasn't even mid-day. Oh well now you all know my grumpy face! ha

I've been making a concious effort to wear more on my lips, the main reason I bought the body shop lip balm in pomegranate, it has a lovely redy pink colour that lasts on my lips, 

Im actually wearing the collection 2000 cream puff in Cotton Candy in these photo's. 

I'm wearing the Naked2 palette from Urban Decay, not sure which shades to be perfectly honest. 

I think you can see in these photo's that double wear can be slightly cakey, i've been trying it with a primer underneath, it hasn't been making that much of a difference to be honest. Ill keep trying it and trying to make it work before I buy a bottle. 

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