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Saturday, 28 April 2012

Chocolate Cupcakes

Hey! Hope everyone is enjoying their weekend, I'm spending mine house sitting while my parents are away. All I've done so far is watch movies and bake! Ha Im so exciting...

Here are some lovely cupcakes that I've just made, I dont use a recipe I just make it up as it goes along really. But if you want to know what I put in them Ill write it below the pictures!

They are milk chocolate cupcakes with a white chocolate and Revels topping.

The ingredients for the cupcake are:
3 eggs
200g Self raising flour
250g caster sugar
250g marg/butter
50g coco powder

The ingredients for the icing are:
100g marg/butter
150g icing sugar
3 drops of vanilla essence 
50g white chocolate powder (drinking chocolate powder)

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